Loren’s Blog

I receive “clarities,” “insights” or “downloads” often on my morning walks. I will be sharing those here as seems fitting. I’d love to hear your feedback! — Loren

Peace in the Physical Realm . . .

Blog post: This physical form of mine keeps expecting there’s something, there’s gotta be something out there, that’s going to satisfy it and bring peace. But no, in the end there isn’t anything in the physical realm that completely satisfies, except very momentarily. Peace must come from eventually transcending the hope of any sort of […]

Hibiscus Hall Group Meeting Yurt

Hibiscus Hall is a beautiful, sacred space suitable for meditation groups, teaching and movement workshops and retreats. It is beside the running creek and a meadow for outdoor circles and camping. It is furnished with chairs, mats for movement classes, pillows, rugs, white board for teaching and a sound system. It is 32′ in diameter […]

The Yome

Furnished with Japanese antiques, this soft sided room is cozy yet infused with light. Windows open to the soothing sounds of nature.

Creek Side Yurt

Furnished with Japanese antiques and full size bed, the babbling creek is just outside for a relaxing night’s sleep embraced by the sounds of nature.