Transformational Life Coaching

Loren Swift, Transformational Life Coach, Certified Nonviolent Communication Trainer

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“There was a conversation I needed to have with a friend about our relationship.  I’d been mourning the loss and shifts from intimacy to ‘friendship’ status with her for weeks, needing to clarify the direction and boundaries. I was able to listen and speak from my heart in finding a solution. Additionally, the outcome allows me to move from a place of anxiety, stagnation and indecision into processing and assimilation of lessons learned and back to decisiveness and positive forward movement in my life.” B.H., coaching client

Loren holds a safe and nurturing container to explore and transform patterns that no longer serve while bringing astute clarity and practical steps for moving into your true self and your life’s calling. Establishing deep connections with your innermost self and significant relationships becomes very accessible with her open-hearted guidance.

Loren is clear, empathic, intuitive, grounded and extremely insightful. She offers wise, compassionate, clear facilitation to people who are ready to make real changes in their lives and relationships. She has developed processes that move clients very quickly into the new openings revealed together. Much deep and lasting transformation can be accomplished in as few as 4 one-hour sessions. Sometimes just one session clarifies big issues and offers practical steps to incorporate healthy new ways of being.

Loren brings over 25 years experience as a psychotherapist and over 40 years of her own deeply transformational inner work, spiritual practice and healing on all levels to her practice. She is a Nonviolent Communication (NVC) Certified Trainer with 12 years experience integrating and teaching NVC. Loren offers a heart-felt, streamlined and very natural approach to embodying key principles of NVC. Her work and presence are compassionate, insightful and refreshing!

“Thanks for doing the session. I like your style. You’re engaging, comfortable, dynamic, deeply knowledgeable, results orientated and fun. Also, good pacing and flow. Good process with a great reward for the work.” B.H., coaching client

Rates: $108/ hour; Four Sessions: $400

For appointments and more info contact Loren at: 530-263-0197 or

I am available to work with you by phone or in person, hourly or for an intensive residential retreat of 2 – 7 days.

I look forward to meeting you and sharing the nurturing beauty, relaxing quiet and inspiring opportunities here at Peaceful Pines Pines Center.

Comments from participants in previous family retreats:

“I loved the ease of your presence during the retreat. I loved how there was a flow created by checking in with us and seeing what way to navigate the retreat. Support and inclusion are important to me and I felt that. I thought you were wonderful with my sisters and me. You tapped into what really mattered to us and allowed it to happen. Thank you again.” — S.H.

“For me the weekend came with ease. I never once felt anxious about bringing up situations between us – I had a sense of ease and trust knowing that whatever I needed to say was going to heard in a new way. Going through the process of self-connection then expressing what truly was mattering to me created a softness between us.” — E.G.

“What I loved best about our work together is knowing that we all have choice to have so much more ease in our lives with ourselves and our interactions with others by knowing how to connect to our life qualities and empathizing with others by guessing what life quality is important to them in this situation. I loved hearing the anxiousness in my sisters’ voices turn to assurance, bodies soften and a greater sense of courage and ease be present in them.” — M.S.

“I feel so happy, excited, appreciative, honored that it all came together to have this weekend. Thank you again to all of you for being a part of my life and my family now.” — G.R.

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